How to Treat Tonsil Stones?

A tonsil stone is a disease caused when there is a form of calcium in our soft tissues present at the back of our throat. Mainly the stones are composed of calcium and other components like magnesium, carbonate, ammonia, and phosphorus. These tissues most commonly form in lingual and palatine tonsils. The most important duty of tonsils is to protect the flow of germs and bacteria, but sometimes it may lead to a serious syndrome due to the constant presence of these bacteria. The weight of the tonsils is between 300ms to maximum 42gms. Larger a tonsil is, more difficult it would be to treat it. Many factors can cause tonsils, like having caffeine and sugar, smoking without a filter, allergy caused due to dairy products, dead white blood cells, and the presence of oral bacteria in our throat. Symptoms are difficulty in swallowing food, sore throat, bad breath, and earache etc. If you feel any of the above symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

In the case of tonsils, whether to see a doctor or not depends on the size of the tonsil. But it is always suggested to a patient to keep seeking advice from a doctor. Normally, a doctor will suggest you a prescription for antibiotics. Antibiotics are not that beneficial but reduce the aching temptation far quickly than natural remedies. Use of antibiotic medicines is not preferred as they leave a negative impact on patient’s health and does not sort out the root of disease. Sometimes, doctors also advise you to make minor changes in your meals. Use of caffeine, tea, and sugar filled food items is restricted. Moreover, you are asked to avoid taking dairy products on a regular basis as they can cause infection. A patient should drink as much water as he can.

Another uncomplicated but effective method is to remove them through oral irrigator. Use of electric oral irrigator is not suitable for tonsil stones as they are too powerful because of the electric connection. It can cause infection and high pain to the patient. Therefore, it is more preferable to use those irrigators which are directly linked with the sink tape through a threaded connection. You can increase or decrease the pressure of water by controlling the tap and thus clean your tonsils easily. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the charging of battery as they don’t work with electricity. So after cleaning you should use a mouthwash to wipe away all the remaining pieces and give you a refreshing feeling. The treatment of tonsil stones that are larger in size can be done through Curettage. It is a process in which you remove tissue by shoveling or scrapping.

The laser is another option for the treatment of tonsil stones in a much quicker and simple way. This process is termed as cryptanalysis, in which tonsils are removed through laser resurfacing. Laser treatment is done using a local anesthetic; a way in which all the treatment is done after getting patient unconscious. In order to smooth the surface of the tonsils, Carbon dioxide laser is effectively used. One last option is to treat tonsilloliths via surgery. After consulting doctor, you can get rid of it through the operation.

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